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What is Hydro Jetting? 


Hydro Jetting is the alternative drain cleaning solution compared
to the origin ‘cable’ style rooter machines.  Hydro Jetting is a highly
effective way to clean the inside of your sewer pipe.  Hydro Jetting
is performed on ‘soft blockages’ inside your sewer drain. 

What are soft blockages?  Here are some examples:

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are NOT to be put down any plumbing drain in your home.  Over time, the baby wipes will ‘build up’ in your sewer drain and not allow the sewer to drain properly.  The problem is, standard cable drain cleaning will not be able to remove the baby wipes as effectively because the cable will get ‘caught up’ in the dense amount of baby wipes not allowing the cable to push through. 
This is when you need to use a hydro jetting machine to push the clump of wipes down the drain with a thrust of 3000 PSI jetting machine that has special nozzles designed to unclog the drain.


Grease is one of the worst types of clogs that your drain can have. The issue with grease is that a traditional cable machine will not be able to clear the grease from the drain pipe.  The grease builds up on the side walls just like cholesterol builds up in your arteries.  When this happens, your drain will not go down and you will be left with slow draining pipes.
Hydro Jetting methods can clean the side walls of the pipe thus removing the grease from the surface of the pipes allowing the drains to flow properly.  Excess grease comes from homeowners pouring too much cooking grease down the kitchen drain.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are the number one #1 cause of sewer clogs.  Tree roots over time penetrate through the joints of the sewer pipe causing the sewage not to flow properly down the drain.  Hydro Jetting can also remove roots from the sewer and clear the excess debris from drain allowing proper drainage for years to come.

Soap scum – General debris – Fruit flies

Soap scum, debris, and other general objects can cause your sewer to back up at any given time.  Fruit flies can also build up inside your sewer causing a serious annoyance for the homeowner.   Performing general jetting maintenance on your sewer line is highly recommended.